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We are your workplace Fire Safety Testing + Tagging team.

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Hamilton based, we provide appliance testing and fire training in the Hamilton area and use only the best quality testing equipment. We understand the challenges of your business and we are here to help you meet and maintain your legal compliance requirements. Safety should not be a compromise. Contact us for a booking.

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We use high-tech equipment to test your portable appliances and mitigate the chance of electric shock or fire. We pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the service we provide. 

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Electrical Test & Tag.

We use the Seaward Prime Test Elite Plus portable appliance testers to test your single and three phase equipment. 

This high-quality testing equipment provides in-depth results and a deeper understanding of the electrical safety of your appliances. In conjunction with this, our software provides data for each item tested, displaying all the tested values.

Once each item passes testing, we attach a barcoded tag with a unique number that also indicates the date tested and due date for the next inspection. If any appliance fails our test sequence, we will advise you of the appropriate course of action.

On completion of the testing, we generate detailed reports for your records. These reports are also held by us on a data base for 7 years, which is a legal requirement. 

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Testing.

As part of the Health and Safety at Work Act, you are required have adequate fire protection in your workplace. We offer a free consultation to identify the fire protection needs specific to your business. 

All businesses must have fire extinguishers and accompanying signage throughout the premises, including in the lunchroom, work vehicles and common staff areas. If your business is a restaurant or café, you may also require a fire blanket or a wet chemical extinguisher. This fire equipment should be tested at least once per year.

On completion of the testing, we will provide you with a “Detailed Fire Register”, a compliance report which contains all the details of each fire asset. You may be requested to provide this report by Work Safe or an insurance assessor in the event of a fire.

Our Fire extinguishers:

5-year validity

Our fire extinguishers all come with a full 5-year validity

Are Tested & Tagged

We test and tag before putting them in service

Serviced annually for compliance

We can service annually. We will let you know when your extinguishers are due to be tested

Fire Extinguisher Training.

How does that fire extinguisher actually work? What do I do?

Make sure your staff know how to use a fire extinguisher, which one to use and even have a go at putting out a small (controlled) fire! Our training session takes about 1-1.5hrs. ‘It’ll never happen to me’… Yeah. Nah! Be prepared!Book your training session now.

Health and Safety at Work Act Compliance

We will let you know when your retest date is and remind you in time to ensure that you continue to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Not being complaint is an unnecessary risk to take – at Fire and Safety Testing, we aim to make it easy and convenient for you to stay compliant. The team at Fire and Safety Testing is waiting for your call. 

Epic Fails.

As part of the Health and Safety at Work Act, you are required have adequate fire protection. We offer a free consultation to identify the fire protection needs specific to your business. 


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